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All FACDL seminars, apart from the annual Criminal Law Certification Review seminar, are intended to: promote the excellence of, disseminate knowledge to, and provide education to, the criminal defense community.  In that regard, attendance at all seminars (apart from the certification review seminar) is limited to criminal defense attorneys, mitigation specialists, defense investigators and other staff involved in providing criminal defense.  Any attempt to violate this attendance policy will be addressed vigorously.  

Seminar contents and materials are solely for educational purposes. Any opinions expressed by presenters may not necessarily reflect the views and/or policies of FACDL. 

FACDL offers Recorded Seminars for purchase in MP3 format. They have been approved by the Florida Bar for CLE Credit.

Please allow 10 business days for delivery after initial purchase of course materials.

Blunt Force Trauma Recorded Webinar

Approved by the Florida Bar for 1 General, Criminal Appellate, Criminal Trial, Juvenile Law CLE credit (Original date: October 6, 2020)

This educational Webinar covers blunt force trauma cases.

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Child Witnesses Recorded Webinar

Approved by the Florida Bar for 2 General CLE credits (Original date: September 16, 2020)

This Webinar covers the effects of child witnesses in various legal cases.

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ACES Recorded Webinar

Approved by the Florida bar for 2 General, Mental Illness, Certification CLE credits. (Original date: August 5, 2020)

How adverse childhood experiences lead to juvenile and adult criminality, and how to recognize ACES in the criminal arena.

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Implicit Bias Recorded Webinar

Approved by the Florida bar for 1.5 General, Bias Elimination CLE credits. (Original date: July 23, 2020)

Informational Webinar discussing how defense attorneys can eliminate implicit bias and racial disparities in criminal justice.

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Latest USSC Opinion On Unanimous Juries (FREE Recorded Webinar for FACDL Members)

Approved by the Florida Bar for 1 general CLE credit

Michael Ufferman discusses how this USSC decision impacts your client's Sixth Amendment rights in Florida.

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Ethics and Professionalism in the Age of COVID-19 (FREE Recorded Webinar for FACDL Members)

Approved by the Florida Bar for 1 hour ethics CLE

Brian Tannebaum addresses current issues of Florida Ethics and Professionalism for Florida Lawyers.

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Certification Review 2020

2020 Materials only are available for purchase (NO CLE)

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Blood, Breath & Tears XXVI 2019


Approved by the Florida Bar for 18.5 General CLE hours and 1 Ethics hour

Original Dates: September 12-13, 2019

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32nd Annual Meeting 2019

Approved for 8.5 General Credits, 1 Ethics Credit, and 1 Technology Credit
Original Dates: June 21-22, 2019

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Booster Shot Certification Review 2019

Booster Shot Seminar
Original Date: Thursday, April 4-5, 2019

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31st Annual Meeting 2018 Materials Only  

**(Annual Meeting approved by the Florida Bar for 10 hours CLE credit, with 1 hour Ethics and 10 towards certification). These credits are valid until 10/31/2021.

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