FACDL Publishing Policy

Articles submitted for publishing in the Defender are not guaranteed to be published but are subject to review by the editor(s) for content supporting FACDL’s mission and any possible theme of a particular issue. 

The editor(s) shall have full authority to determine the content and layout of the Defender in accord with FACDL’s mission. 

Any person with knowledge of and interests in, any of the ideals and goals stated in the FACDL mission statement may submit an article for the Defender.  Any published article may be republished as long as the FACDL Florida Defender is properly cited at the time of republishing.

Articles must be submitted already proofed and edited.

Articles must be submitted in Word format or other format required by editor(s) for ease of publishing.

The author of a submitted article must provide their full name or enough of their name to be easily identified.

The author of a submitted article must provide a biography of no more than 100 words.

The author of a published article, who is not a FACDL member, may request a courtesy copy of the Defender issue containing their article be mailed to them.

The author of a submitted article may also provide a headshot to accompany their article.

Any entity with a clear connection to the FACDL mission may purchase advertisement space in the Defender magazine, but the content of such advertisement is subject to the editor(s) review and approval for appropriate content in accordance with the FACDL social media policy.

The editor(s) may reject or delay publishing any article or advertisement that does not conform with the FACDL Mission and/or does not conform with a theme set for a particular issue. 9/29/18