James T. Miller Scholarship Application Deadline March 12, 2018

This is James (Jim) T. Miller.  A remarkable lawyer, remarkable person, founding member of FACDL, one of the most respected criminal appellate lawyers in the state, if not the country and a passionate environmentalist.  Give a FACDL criminal defense attorney the ultimate recognition by submitting an application recommending her/him for the James T. Miller Scholarship. 

Nominations must be submitted via email to becky@facdl.org, by using the nomination form available on FACDL.ORG NO LATER THAN MARCH 12, 2018. Nominations will be reviewed and scored by a committee appointed by the FACDL President.  Scoring will be based upon the following factors: financial need; significant involvement in criminal defense; and years of practice in criminal defense (preference given to nominees with 5 years or fewer).

 This Award, which consists of a full scholarship to the Annual Meeting (registration, lodging, and per diem), will be decided March 22, 2018.

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