FACDL Stands With Those Seeking to Speak for Others Who Cannot Speak for Themselves

Many of you have probably represented clients who are placed on the sexual
offender registration lists, facing a lifetime of public scrutiny and
limitations in their employment and residency options.  Florida Justice Institute has filed
a motion for injunctive relief in District Court, Northern District of
Florida, to enjoin use of new provisions for Internet identifiers which go
into effect October 1, 2016.  The challenge asserts the new provisions
violate the First Amendment and make it almost impossible for those in the
public registry to use the internet.  
Part of FACDL’s mission statement is to improve the criminal justice system
at the judicial, legislative and executive level and to promote the
protection of the rights of individuals. In that regard, FACDL made a
donation to Florida Justice Institute to contribute to their litigation expenses in a
challenge to lifetime registration of sexual offenders on a public registry
even after all aspects of their sentence and post-incarceration supervision
were complete.  Pictured is FACDL Past-President Jamie Benjamin presenting the
donation to Jeanne Baker of Florida Justice Institute.
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