Juvenile Resentencing Seminar A Huge Success!

In June at the annual meeting in Key Biscayne Michael Ufferman appointed me to chair an ad hoc juvenile resentencing committee and charged me with the task of putting on a seminar to provide training to the lawyers throughout the State. He also told me it had to happen within 90 days to which I replied- “It cannot be done.” Well, I am pleased to say that I underestimated the dedication and heart of the members of FACDL.  On September 24 the members of this organization answered the call not only of their president, but of the needs of thousands of unrepresented inmates who will be seeking sentencing review in the coming months. At the Juvenile Resentencing Seminar held in Orlando last month we took the essential first step in ensuring that the lawyers throughout this state were not only aware, but trained on how to handle these complex cases.   

The seminar was attended by over 200 attorneys both in the public and privates sector, all of whom took time from their own caseloads to be educated on what it takes to effectively handle a juvenile resentencing. Thanks to these dedicated members as well as Whitney Untied of Akerman Senterfitt, Miami Dade Public Defender Carlos Martinez, an array of amazing volunteer speakers, and a group of justice  oriented sponsors, we have begun the necessary steps to ensure that no eligible defendant spends a breath longer in jail than necessary.  

 The recorded audio of the seminar will be available shortly for training purposes and if you have any interest in becoming involved and accepting a pro bono resentencing  please contact Jaimi at FACDL headquarters. The telephone number is 850-385-5080 or you can email her at jaimisue@facdl.org.


Jude M. Faccidomo, Esquire  

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